Hey you, welcome to A Girl’s Desk website! It is my pleasure to have you here visiting my page and reading my words. Just in case it is not sufficiently obvious, this page is about a girl’s desk and that girl is me. In this page, I post my projects and activities. The tasks that I am developing in my desk, I am sharing them with you. Reading someone else’s ideas and watching some else talking sounds boring, right? But, as unexpected as it may seem, I made and am making my posts very interesting and fascinating, or at least I try to do it. Hopefully, my workspace can be entertaining for you, enough for you to keep coming to visit the website to read my blog entries and my ideas. In order to achieve that, I am posting projects with different types of communication including writing, oral, verbal, electronic and non-verbal. In the tab of works-in-progress, you can find my ideas, unfinished tasks, and fun projects. On the other hand, in the tab of posts, you can read more serious and finished tasks. Depending on your personality, what you want to see or read and how much interest you have on my tasks, I incentivize you to dive into the page. Thank you for your time here and feel free to come back frequently to A Girl’s Desk.